Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Samantha Rding to craggy roock

Mitch and Ben rode with their ____bikes_____ to Craggy Rock. They needed lots of ___water_______ to drink because it was a hot day. At the top of the ___hill________ there was a look-out. They stopped to have a ___water_____. There was a ____stom_____ coming. It started __to rain__________ and they stopped to find shelter. Thunder ___side  ben_______ and lightning __said mitch     __________. Mum said to move away from the big ___tree__________. They lied ___on the grass_____ on the grass until the storm stopped. They went back to the ___cambin________ because they were all wet. Mitch saw that the tree was all __black_________ and looked _burnt__________.

List four words that start with cr and insert images to show each word craggy

Blog Post Title: Craggy Rock
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